Hey girl, (teacher edition)

I love me a good meme. Seriously. Feminist Ryan Gosling was pretty great, but taking that idea and translating it into pro-teacher talk was just plain genius.  And Ryan Gosling is a cutie, even if he does look strangely like my stepbrother which freaks me out a little bit.

I appreciate that the author of this blog is a student teacher who felt that teachers in general needed some encouragement, so in between student teaching and finishing school she started this blog. You go, blogess. As I watched it swirl around facebook for a week or so, it made so many of my teaching friends happy. And teachers need reasons to be happy in this climate, believe me.

And, being sensitive to the fact that there are males in the profession, she started include beautiful female celebrities saying “Hey Babe,” phrases of teaching encouragement laced with sexual innuendo as well. How’s that for gender parity?!

This was my contribution to her blog. My school was rabid with Bloom’s Taxonomy last year (among every other educational reform cliche of the moment). Bloom’s does have merit, I agree, but everything in moderation, yes? Not only did they want my lesson to reflect Bloom’s (got it), but then every part of my lesson had to reflect it as well, from Do Now to Exit Slip. At some point, education theories such as these can actually impede teaching when they are overdone to the point that they lose meaning.

But I bet if Ryan were leading a Professional Development on Bloom’s and saying things like this, I might embrace Bloom’s-ifying everything more easily.