When You Care Enough


When I was a little girl, I had a card business called Lori Cards (I know, unique.). I made my own cards for every occasion full of corny poems and drawings that I spent hours on. I wish I had some relics of that small entrepreneurial moment of my life, but it’s just a memory.

As much as love the information superhighway, sometimes I miss a good card in the mail, old school style. I have a ton of notes from high school friends (life before texting) and cards (life before email) saved in a box in the cellar–evidence of a life before cyberspace. They make me nostalgic. That nostalgia makes me feel like an old lady.

But I love someecards. So snarky. So funny. So crass. And this new line of grammar & spelling ones just kills me. Slays me. Love them.

The best part is each time I post one on facebook, a whole slew of old students likes it. Still giving out grammar lessons, even after they graduate, via someecards. Postmodern teaching at its finest.