I am in North Carolina with my family, visiting my Christian fundamentalist mom and stepdad and relatives, and reconnecting with old friends.

It has been lovely to break from my desk  in many ways, but I miss my writing. Between the visits and entertaining the kids and the evenings of Olympic marathon-ing (as in we watch HOURS of others exercise whist our asses spread on fancy leather de-stressing chairs), I haven’t had a second to put thoughts into words on the computer. But my head is swirling with thoughts. I hope I remember some of them when back at home and at my desk.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of my husband and me. We are donning my mom and stepdad’s emergency end of days warmth suits. No lie. The scary thing is, as much as I don’t believe in the rapture or many of their ideas based on the Book of Revelation or the coming apocalypse, after getting stuck last year in CT with no power over Halloween weekend’s surprise blizzard I got us all super warm sleeping  bags. We are all more similar than I’d like to believe. Yikes.

There’s a bigger essay/idea in there to be explored later!