I am a true Cancer. I know it sounds super stupid for me–a burgeoning academic–to admit to being intrigued in astrological stuff of any nature, but whatever. Judge me if you must. Regardless, since I became intrigued by astrology after a devastating break up after college (we simply were not compatible–a Cancer + a Gemini = no, no, no), I have understood by fascination with water on a different level. I have always felt in communion with bodies of water. All bodies of water. But I particularly feel a strong connection with the ocean. Who knows why, but the crazy thing is my daughter is the same and she’s only five. It just makes me love her all the more. She stares at the ocean with a face that expresses knowledge of the depth and beauty and amazement of seeing so much water that has been around and circulated for centuries before her little life came into being. And I remember, as a child, looking out over the Atlantic and thinking about people and places on continents on the other side, and wondering who they were and what they were doing, and what was beneath the surface of the water, and all sorts of deep thoughts as a kid.

Just thinking of the beach and summer as our Fall begins to take shape here in NYC. Someday I would love to live near the ocean and watch it morph from season to season…

Favorite water quotes for you:

“The cure for anything is salt water–sweat, tears, or the sea.” –Isak Dinesen

“Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?” –David Mitchell