Don’t call it a comeback…

…’cause I’ve been blogging for years!

But man, this academic life is HARD to juggle. Seriously. When I was teaching high school my focus was TEACHING. Now I teach (and, because I am big on teaching, I still do all the things I did when in the classroom which are very time consuming as you all know), but I also have to do service here at the New Community College (which means serve on committees, write curriculum, do things to build college community, etc.), and scholarship (which means writing for any/everything academic and not, research, grant writing, etc.)! Yikes! The juggling act is intense and I feel like I work all. the. time. Sometimes, like last night, I have a total mental breakdown and sit rocking on the couch surfing the Internet for jobs and drooling on the stacks of essays that need grading beside me, but then after an hour I get it together and realize that I really love my job here. I do. I feel challenged, I feel proud of the work I do, and I love my students and colleagues.

But so much for a professor gig being much more chill than teaching high school. Toss that baby out with the bathwater!

That said, this blog has suffered. Not from a lack of ideas but from a lack of time. I have been intermittently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and while I haven’t been crazy about the book (I can’t pinpoint why. I have a relationship with it like I did with Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert which included me getting annoyed by the tone of the narrative and *just* about to toss it away when the author says something that brilliantly resonates in me and then–dammit–I keep reading.), and one step of her happiness projects was to start a blog.

Now when she started a blog, she consulted some folks and did some research. When I started this blog, I started it because I felt this desperate need to cultivate some sort of professional identity amid my first year as a professor. I wasn’t sure who I was becoming, but I thought I might get a grasp on that if I were to create a site that helped me talk about what I am figuring out about teaching reading and writing. It was a platform to practice my professorial voice. It has been helpful. Very much. It got me writing about this work in general, which got me writing for The Huffington Post and, maybe most importantly, it got me thinking. A lot. And deeply. About my work. That space to be reflective on my own professional practices has been priceless.

One of Gretchen Rubin’s pieces of advice she received before starting her wildly successful Happiness Project blog is to post everyday. I have not been doing that, but it is my new resolution.

So, here’s the deal for any of you who read. It’ll go a little something like this:

Monday = post on reading (either what I am reading or what texts we’re using in class)

Tuesday = post on writing (either my own agonies/joys with writing or what I’m doing in class)

Wednesday = post on teaching (the good and the challenging of things I have done in my classroom)

Thursday = a quote to rock your world

Friday = a teaching funny/haha moment to end the week with a laugh

That’s the plan. Five posts a week.



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