You are smarter than a computer!

Kids today…They want a computer to do everything for them. My students are learning how to use APA format for writing papers, and they are so freakin’ lazy when it comes to citing correctly and creating a References page. Soooooo lazy. Then we have a librarian who introduced them to this program called EasyBib, that supposedly does the APA Reference page for them, but I swear to you that the formatting is quite often wrong. I tried to tell them: YOU ARE SMARTER THAN A COMPUTER! CHECK YOUR WORK ON THE PURDUE OWL PAGE! (If any of you out there don’t know the Purdue OWL site, it’s the Bible for formatting work.) USE YOUR BRAIN!

But they don’t believe me. Seriously. They lament, “But the computer did that! I shouldn’t get points off! It’s not my fault!”

Yeah, honey, it is.

I came across this page of the 25 funniest Autocorrect mistakes of 2012 this week. I read it in line at the post office and literally was snorting and laughing out loud. Folks must have thought I was still drunk from the night before. No, guys, I wasn’t. That would be this morning. Ouch.

I might have to show a few of these in class to prove that humans are still–for now–smarter than spell check, grammar check, Autocorrect, and EasyBib. Dammit.

Enjoy! Taking next week off. Will be back in 2013! xo.