Procrastination & Writing

Today I should post about writing, and here I sit on the train home from work, 10:32 at night, composing this on my phone because I was too busy writing! But not fun writing, my friends, I was…

…GRANT WRITING (insert shriek of agony here).

And because I haven’t learned diddly-squat after a lifetime of education, I was doing it at the last minute. Because, y’all, I suck.

But as I walked out of the building into the prettily lit cityscape that is my home, I thought, “Yeah, I did that lickity-split and it could have been better, but I don’t suck…”

I mean really, I wrote the darn grant, submitted it, and while it might not be what it could have been, I learned something by doing it. Isn’t that worth the agony?


Now off to bed as fast as this express train to Brooklyn can take me.

Photo of me in grant writing agony, the only person left on the faculty floor: