How do you read? (A Marsden Giberter)

Teaching reading is hard because students don’t realize what they do when they read. There’ s an innate knowledge involved, and they (most likely) have never been asked to describe their reading process. In order for them to move forward in their reading skills, they need to understand what skills they already have.

Enter the Marsden Giberter.

We did this exercise in my last Bridging the Space class (a class I am taking with high school teachers and college professors about college readiness), and it kinda blew my mind. I know of other texts like this written in nonsense language, but the questions below were what got me. They are questions that ask about content, but, of course, the content is nonsensical. However, once you get into the mindset of the nonsense, you can easily go back to the text and pull out the answers regardless of the non-word words.

I think I might give this to my class sometime and ask them to complete the questions as an exercise to get them to think of what they do when they read and/or how they look for information in a text. I’ll let you know how it goes if I use it.

A Marsden Giberter

Adapted from Deborah Appleman, PhD, Carleton College

Glis was very fraper. She had dernarpen Farfle’s marsden. She did not talp a giberter for him. So, she conlanted to plimp a marsden binky for him. She had just sparved the binky when he jibbed in the gorger.

“Closty marsden!” she boffed.

“That’s a crouistish marsden binky,” boffed Farfle, “but my marsden is on Stansan. Agsan is Kelsan.”

“In that ruspen,” boffed Glis, “I won’t wank you your giberter until Stansan.”

1)      Why was Glis fraper?

2)      What did Glis plimp?

3)      Who jibbed the gorger when Glis sparved the blinky?

4)      Why didn’t Glis wank Farfle his giberter?