Educators: Stop Using Comic Sans!

For the record, let me proclaim publicly that I hate the Comic Sans font. Loathe. Abhor. It makes me feel a tightness in my chest of rage.

Comic Sans is very overused by teachers. I understand why someone who teaches K-3 might use it. After that, it should be banned. Exiled. Banished (pronounced like in Romeo & Juliet = banish-Ed). It makes you look stupid, and god knows in this anti-teacher climate nobody needs one more reason to call a teacher stupid.

My last Assistant Principal loved both Comic Sans and clip art. Yes, you read that correctly: the double kiss of death when trying to make anything look professional. In my opinion, if you want to look like a total moron use Comic Sans and clip art on your memos. Then everyone will be sure to ignore you and mock you behind your back (or to your face, if you’re lucky).

Yes, I am a snob, but I am not alone. I am part of a large community of people who hate this font. Just play around on Google awhile.

Educators! Yes you, people of my tribe:  STOP USING COMIC SANS!

i hate comic sans

i hate comic sans2

2 thoughts on “Educators: Stop Using Comic Sans!

  1. Hi Dyslexic,
    You’re right, I didn’t know that! Thanks for pointing that out to me, and I’ll let my students know, too. But the part of your comment that stood out to me, too, was that you type in Comic Sans and then switch your document to a more academic/professional font after your work is done. What a great strategy to use Comic Sans when working (if it’s easier to read), but switch it to a more “grown up” font when turning in upper high school/college level work. I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

  2. I would just like to point out that comic sans has been proven to be easier for dyslexic people to read. whenever I right a report or something I write it in comic sans then switch it to Ariel or Times New Roman when I’m done, it helps a lot. I’m sure you didn’t realize this but I (and many other dyslexic kids) would be completely screwed without it. Please, stop hating on it, it’s has a good purpose.

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