World Book Night, 2014: Cheryl Strayed!

I literally squealed with excitement when I heard yesterday that our House within our community college was selected for a second year to hand out books for World Book Night. Last year we handed out books and I swear to you, the students had the best. time. ever. doing it. I wrote about their experiences here, but this one evening stayed with them for longer than I anticipated. The first time I ran into these students when this school year began, I was literally bum-rushed into a corner of the entry way of our college with demands of, “Are we going to do World Book Night again this year? Please, can we do it again this year?” It made me so happy that the act of giving bookswas something they wanted to repeat.

20140206-100723.jpgWe applied to do it again this year, and I requested that we be given Cheryl Strayed’s Wild because I love her work. But even almost two years after falling for her writing, she has done nothing to miff me at all. I follow her on Facebook, I saw her at the New York Public Library, and every word she puts out there in social media and in person I continue to jive with after all this time. She is the preacher and I am an enthusiastic congregant that continuously yells “Amen!” to myself after reading her words. That consistency of her character makes her work even more lovely to me.

One post on Facebook she made years ago is stuck in my photo library of my iPhone because it moved me so much:

20140206-100809.jpgOur community college students, professors, and staff from House 4 will pound the pavement on the night of April 23rd to hand out Cheryl Strayed’s Wild not only with pride of giving an amazing book away for free to others, but with pride that the author of said book recognizes that the people who we are and the work we all do is REAL.

Yet another “Amen!” from this corner of her many followers.