American Icons: Malcolm X

Tonight Adam was working his shift at the Food Coop and I was home with the kids. I was on track for an on time bedtime with the house all cleaned (that’s GOOD–when all is clean and kids are in bed and done at 8:00–that’s gonna be a productive night!), but then I made the fatal mistake of showing them a video on my iPhone and we got sucked into a time warp of watching videos from when Nico was 1 (and so chubilicious!) up until present and–poof!–there went a half and hour.

All was derailed.

I got out of the kids’ bedroom at 8:00, the kitchen was a mess, no lunches were made, and I saw my evening of productivity (which tonight meant grading an endless pile of essays) slipping away from me. Like a good trooper, I turned on NPR and set to work. Boy, was I lucky.

I love the NPR show Studio 360, but tonight they featured an entire program called American Icons, the icon being Malcolm X. It was a great show–a fabulous combination of academic critique, an examination of The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley, narrative stories, a dash of music, a bit about Spike Lee’s film “X”–it was riveting. The show is an hour long, and I actually finished my housework (I feel so domestic typing that) before the hour was over, so I sat at our formica table with our radio in front of me and just listened.

I never do that. I am much more the whirling dervish type.

But it was that good.

I highly recommend that any/everyone listen. Play in in your classrooms. Listen to it on the train. It was worth pausing for.

{It’s not letting me embed the program–insert me cussing here–so go here to listen}