We Need to Shed Light on the “Discontinued”

I still have yet to write about how a new principal from the Leadership Academy was assigned to my high school three years ago, attacked me for a semester, and made me realize that it’s too dangerous to teach poor kids of color in this climate of idiotic education reform. It’s still too raw. I can talk about it, but still haven’t put it in words. Luckily, she changed course and I got out before she took down my prior 10 years of excellent ratings and leadership, but others weren’t as lucky. Read this:



I am heartened to see the beginning of a campaign for justice for those teachers who have been unfairly “discontinued” from the Department of Education. It is important for all to understand what it means to be “discontinued. ” It means that your years of education are now rendered professionally useless because you will never work as a teacher again in New York City nor, likely, elsewhere. It is, in effect, a blacklist. Here. In America. In 2014. This extraordinary situation is the result of the decision of but one person, a person who is not even obliged to give a reason for your professional destruction. I do not know the numbers of the “discontinued “ teachers during the Bloomberg reign, but I’d be willing to bet they skyrocketed for the following two reasons: a) the proliferation of ridiculous and incompetent principals who were encouraged to fire as many teachers…

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