End of Year Crazy

Unlike most colleges, we are not done yet.

This is the last week of class.

After class ends, I’ll have 27 short stories to grade (alone), 27 reflection essays to grade (alone), and 81 final projects to grade with my co-teachers.

Next week is finals, our grades are due, and we have faculty assessment days.

And I’m organizing a guest speaker/book talk one of those days.

Then my load of summer work is right in front of me: write, research, read.

Oh, and in June my two kids have two half days, a day off, two moving up ceremonies, a million parties (why do these kids need to party so much?)…And Alexandra’s birthday (and party with a very specific rainbow cake order to me, the baker)…

Right about now, this is how I feel:

rabid kittyThat is all.

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