In My Tribe

“In my tribe” is an expression I use quite frequently. I use it to describe my friends/colleagues/acquaintances/writers/educators with whom I share a common bond.

Of course, any public school teacher is automatically in my tribe. My students are in my tribe. Educators who work for social justice are in my tribe. Folks who like to get deep in the murky talk about race in this country are in my tribe. People who are raising their kids not to be assholes are in my tribe. Those who write because if they don’t they start to go nuts are in my tribe. My old students are in my tribe. People who genuinely give a darn about other people are in my tribe.

Yes, I have a large tribe.

I often romanticize the idea of a time when we, as humans, lived in larger community structures, but I bet it wasn’t so ideal. I’m sure back then there were people in your literal tribe who were not in your ideological tribe. So I guess we have it better now. Maybe.

I feel very lucky that I have an incredible tribe of people who inspire, educate, support, and question me. I’m a better person because of those who are in my tribe.

I’m going to feature some of my tribe in posts periodically–just to show folks in my tribe off and shout out to the world what incredible work they do and how bad ass they are and to publicly thank them for existing.

I couldn’t make an entire separate blog for this and post forever, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

I had this poster on my wall in college. Maybe that’s why this expression is drilled into me.

Archery is so hot now thanks to The Hunger Games. 10,000 Maniacs were so cool before their time. My favorite song on this album is “Verdi Cries.” I used to listen to it on my Walkman at the beach and sing–thinking that nobody could hear me over the roar of the ocean. Ahhhh, teenage seriousness!