If you Liked it, You Shoulda Put it on a Pillow

Can I kvetch for a minute?

Thank god it’s the end of September. Let me say, between the kindergarten phase in, the lice infestation, Alex throwing up in class last Tuesday, Alex practically breaking her nose (can’t believe it’s NOT broken) at the playground on Friday, Adam sick as a dog all weekend, me waking up this morning feeling like I have a brick for a brain/sinus cold from Adam….

This month has slayed me. Glad to see you go, September.

But this, THIS, made me happy:


Guys–seriously. What if we started a line of throw pillows, or tshirts, or hankies with all the hilarious crap we hear our students say? Or the crazy things they write? OMG. I would die. I would simply die from an apartment overflowing with ridiculousness. What a perfect way to go.

Btw, my friend Frances is one of the smartest, most interesting teachers I know, and I met her through the NYC Writing Project–I always have time to give them a shout out.

Welcome October. Go gentle on me, or I might start ordering throw pillows inscribed with the craziest of crazy student words by the dozen and hide under them the rest of the year.


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