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R.I.P. Marshall Berman

Marshall Berman, a professor at City College within the City University of New York (CUNY) system, was never my professor but he was my husband’s. Why am I writing about his death if he wasn’t my teacher? While Adam was in his class we lost our first pregnancy. I was just over 12 weeks pregnant … Continue reading

R.I.P. Jean Anyon

R.I.P. Jean Anyon

When I started my doctoral work at Teachers College, I was introduced to Jean Anyon in an early class. We were assigned to read, “Social Class and School Knowledge” published in 1981 by The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. This one article, and learning about Jean Anyon’s concept of the hidden curriculum, changed my life. … Continue reading

Oppressor or Revolutionary: What are you?

I became a teacher because I believe in the transformative power of education. I became an educator as a form of activism. I am not the type who goes to demonstrations and waves signs in the air–that’s just not my thing usually (although I can be moved to go do that occasionally, as with the … Continue reading