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Brooklyn ‘Hood Poetry–Early Days of School Lesson

Brooklyn ‘Hood Poetry–Early Days of School Lesson

I have been in writing whirlwind the last few weeks as I finished and submitted a couple of academic articles from my dissertation (finally…). I have also been purging the dozens of journal articles from my doctoral coursework that I have kept for YEARS in my file cabinet, producing piles and piles of paper that … Continue reading

What Our Students Tell Us

In trolling around Facebook tonight as I procrastinated the always agonizing act of making my kids’ lunches (Why is it so mind-numbingly annoying? It’s just lunch!), a friend of mine posted a great poem that kinda rocked my world. I must give background about this friend/acquaintance/neighbor: She teaches at Stuyvesant High School (Stuy), one of … Continue reading

The Teacher’s Tale Prologue

April is National Poetry Month! I wrote this after my first year teaching. I had my students each write a tale from a modern person modeled on The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I was 28 years old, I had taught one year of 8th grade and was teaching high school for the first time, … Continue reading

Birthday Reflections

Today’s my birthday. I’m 38. I have always loved my birthday and felt like it was a big deal to make to the next year. It might make me sound like a morose little girl, but I distinctly remember turning 10 and feeling amazed that I had made it into double digits. I remember thinking, … Continue reading

The Benefits of Re-reading: Poetry

I am a huge fan of rereading. I used to think it was lame. Why waste time reading a book I had already read? There are so many new ones to read! Much like my theory that I can’t travel to the same place twice, I would not read the same book twice. But then … Continue reading

The Dream of a Common Language

The Dream of a Common Language

I have always been a reluctant poetry teacher. April comes around and it’s National Poetry Month and I would slouch towards teaching enough poetry to keep my administrator off my back. I reluctantly put a poem in my pocket and I go through the motions like a good teacher should, but poetry is not my … Continue reading